Wellness Benefits & Plans

Essential Tools for Overall Wellness

When employees have the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle choices, everyone saves money.  Benefit Concepts works with top carriers and wellness vendors who incorporate additional wellness benefits into the basic health coverage with little or no increased costs.  

Benefit Concepts also has extensive resources and experience in helping employers establish Employee Assistant Programs or EAPs that take employee wellness to a higher level.  An effective EAP will show your strong commitment to your employee’s overall wellness and help them stay productive through life’s inevitable, and sometimes tough, times.

  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Lower carrier premiums.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improves morale and employee satisfaction.
Fitness Programs

Onsite, offsite or virtual physical fitness classes or special group events, such as 5K runs.  Discounts to gym memberships.  Access to additional resources such as fitness trackers, blogs, subscriptions  and more.

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings onsite or at provider offices, aimed at creating awareness, improving health and reducing claims of your most at risk employees.

Telehealth Solutions

Your employees can consult with a licensed physician, via phone or video for little or no copay.  Physicians can consult on health matters, diagnose medical conditions, and prescribe medications.  Employees also have access to a nurse hotline 24/7 for general medical advice.

Nutrition Programs

Onsite or offsite nutritional classes, access to other nutritional resources such as diet apps, blogs and other subscriptions.  Members may also qualify for special assistance with diabetes management and more.

Preventative Medicine

Employees have access to preventative medicine such as flu shots, mammograms, colonoscopy, heart and cancer screenings and more.

Addiction Programs

Employees have access to programs such as smoking cessation and other substance abuse help, in addition to counseling services to health improve mental health and well being.

Financial Wellness

Financial guidance, seminars and personal counseling that help employees not only focus on long term financial goals, but also the day-to-day money challenges that get in the way of financial fitness.